A Sanskrit word used as a salutation or blessing. 
It can be translated as "the divine in me honors and blesses the divine in you." 

Welcome to Temple Goddess Dance & Yoga.

Temple Goddess was a premier dance & yoga studio founded in 2003 by Eve Savva. Honoring the traditions of Vinyasa and Iyengar while blending modern technique, Temple Goddess is recognized as one of the most welcoming, uplifting and safest places for Men, Women, Youth and Teens to learn the disciplines of Authentic Middle Eastern Dance and the devotions of Yoga. We create a non-competitive, open and spirited environment... a place for everyone to feel comfortable and welcome. Infusing history, artistry and practice, we explore a lifestyle that strengthens the body and purifies the soul.


 From the moment you walk through our doors, you will notice we are unlike any other studio.  Colorful and vibrant, yet serene enough to feel like a Temple or Spa, you will feel the stress of the day melt away and disappear.  Take in a soothing massage.  Enjoy a tasty meal or relax with a good book and some Fresh Juice or Tea in our lounge and Cafe.  Shop for eclectic and trendy clothing, accessories, jewelry, books and CDs, statuary, home decor, soaps and more in our boutique or enter our studio and take a class or semi private/private session with our Certified Instructors and Guest Artists.  One visit to Temple Goddess will have you wondering why you would go anywhere else! 

"There is such a wonderful energy here.  It feels like a temple!" 
~ Bhante Dhammaloka, a visiting Buddhist Monk describing his experience at Temple Goddess